How can transport planning address the climate crisis? The Big Question: As a society, are we investing in the right infrastructure to benefit today and the future?

Infrastructure is the physical and organisational framework needed for the operation of society. In the UK, our roads, railways, airports, public buildings and housing are old and failing. The investment needed to maintain, fund and construct robust systems is short-term and often blighted by political meddling.

With levels of CO2 emissions continuously rising, it is essential for change at scale to happen but can only do so if nations, cities, businesses and society agree on a common agenda for immediate action. Transport, a common thread amongst all these actors is paramount to achieving low carbon futures.

This event will bring together a range of built environment experts to explore what tangible steps we can take now as a sector to address the climate crisis.

Speakers (more to be announced)

Joanna Ward - Associate Transport Planner, Elliott Wood
Joanna leads the transport team at Elliott Wood. Joanna is a highly experienced and motivated transport professional with over 20 years of experience working across the public, private and charity sector for a wide client base, developing sustainable transport programmes. She has written and presented extensively on the need to have more women in transport planning and governance. Joanna is a member of Women in Transport and a Board Director of the Transport Planning Society. She is a vocal advocate for walking and cycling.