Six months ago we created a collaborative co-working space with a difference. One that was defined by a common purpose and a real community. Together, we are committed to instigating change across the built environment. To slow the countdown to climate disaster and inspire projects that encourage societal and environmental reform.

Over time, we thought that technology might be the stimulus for change.
It turns out, it was health.

And the countdown has become much quicker—weeks, then days.

So what now? How do we at The Building Society, and in the built environment, continue our work and face up to the new challenge we are facing? Particularly, when we feel so apart? The one thing we do know through our work, is that buildings and spaces aren’t defined by their design, ingenuity or beauty. They are defined by their people. Whether it be a family, a business or a community united for a common cause.

So, here at The Building Society, we will continue to debate, share and inspire, but this time through different, digital platforms. We will also promote health and wellbeing through our online pilates and yoga classes, pub quizzes and evenings of online camaraderie.

We are organising a series of events to bring members together to consider what the future now holds for us all. The events will provide a digital space to listen, share and shape ideas. A forum for our community to collaborate and support each other through these challenging times.

Now is the time to not only sustain and manage, but to be kind and generous. This is our intent. We encourage you all to join us, so look out for updates and help us build a better and healthier society.

Thank you,
The Building Society

If you would like to speak to a member of the team or contribute an idea for an online event, please contact: [email protected].