All countries are now suffering from various climate irregularities which resulted in a major emergency – the climate emergency. In the UK, transportation is the No.1 source of greenhouse gas emissions and from all transport sources, aviation is responsible for 12% (ATAG, 2018). However, in present times, expecting people to just stop travelling is not exactly realistic; as travelling allows us to experience, understand and connect with each other better. Nevertheless, the clock is ticking, and governments are declaring climate emergencies, therefore creating a sustainable future for aviation and limiting its environmental impact becomes a shared responsibility.

What is surface access and why does it matter?

Surface access is all the ways in which passengers, visitors, employees and airfreight travel to and from an airport when they are not in an aircraft. Good surface access to airports is crucial because it means that consumers can get to/from the airport with a choice of safe, reliable, comfortable, efficient, affordable and sustainable options.

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