Damian Macpherson Art Exhibition The Building Society member Damian Macpherson presents All Boxed Up - a collection of 25 pieces Quboidz sculptures, to be held at The Building Society.

Damian Macpherson has been sculpting since 1995. He was taught by Maitre Sculpteur Max Siffredi in Vallauris, France. After a gap of twenty odd years and a year at the Morley College life sculpting class, Damian has created QUBOIDZ. From 2018, the Quboidz have been his focus. A representation of the works he has always wanted to bring to life. He has identified his pieces by the letter Q and the number in line of creation. This allows the observer freedom of interpretation of the pieces.

This is a great opportunity not only to enjoy the work of Damian but also connect with like-minded people over a glass of wine or two.

To find out more Damian and his work, visit Damian's website